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In this episode, Orkun Altintas, the director consulting of Aerospace & Defense, discusses the future of the traveller experience.

In this episode, Ziad Jreijiri, the CEO of Oreyeon discusses FOD (Foreign Object Debris) time to take it seriously. How to manage FOD efficiently?

In this episode Jan Eric Putze the CEO of DRONIQ GmbH discusses the Next level of aviation: How drone traffic and use cases will impact our aviation as we know it.  

In this episode Tanja Neuland, Hydrogen Techno IPT Leader at Airbus discusses all aspects of Hydrogen Propulsion Technology of The Future.

In this episode Davide Martini, Senior Expert – Cybersecurity in Aviation at EASA discusses all aspects of cybersecurity in aviation and explains what EASA's strategy is in the mat...

In this episode, Thomas Romig, Vice President, Safety, Security & Operation at ACI World, discusses why airports should embrace safety, efficiency and sustainability.

In this episode, Carlos Berenguer discusses with us the role of sustainability in aviation and the industry's future challenges.

In this episode, Niclas Gustavsson discusses with us the role of the digital tower and the future of air traffic management.

In this episode, David Booth, Airport CDM Implementation Manager at EUROCONTROL, discusses the scope, implementation and future of airport collaborative decision-making (A-CDM).

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